Why Choose Mediation?

The purpose of Dispute Resolution (Mediation) is to help two or more parties resolve issues between them in lieu of or before requiring referral to the Australian legal system. The role of our main Mediator, Travis Hackett, is to assist people to work together to reach a shared agreement for the improvement of their personal situations. With regard to Family Dispute Resolution the primary focus is on the best interests of the child or children and positive outcomes for the family (win/win).

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As Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (Mediators), we do not pass judgement or give legal advice. Rather, we remain as a neutral third party to aid open discussion. Through enlisting a range of communication techniques, we aim to agree upon solutions through improving dialogue and discussing potential solutions. Our mediation process is totally confidential. We provide a pleasant and discreet space for all mediation appointments, and we guarantee your privacy. Blue Mountains Counselling & Mediation follows a strict Code Of Conduct. We go to great lengths to ensure your privacy, though an exception to confidentiality includes situations where there is child abuse. Travis is highly skilled and experienced in providing Family Dispute Resolution, Property Settlements and Workplace Disputes with over 5000 hours of practice.

The benefits of Dispute Resolution (Mediation) include:

  • It is child focussed (Family Dispute Resolution)
  • It is usually faster and less costly
  • People have a chance to tell their story as they see it to help other parties understand their position
  • It is more flexible and responsive to the individual needs of the people involved
  • it is more informal
  • the parties’ involvement in the process creates greater commitment to the result so that compliance is more likely
  • the confidential nature of the process
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution is more likely to preserve goodwill or at least not escalate the conflict, which is especially important in situations where there is a continuing relationship.
  • All agreements can be legally recognised and or binding (i.e. Parenting Plan, Consent Orders)

How We Operate

Each case is approached individually, employing techniques that vary depending on the circumstances and parties involved. We specialise in solving problems creatively. Firstly, we ascertain the suitability for mediation, and the type of mediation, if required. A session is then scheduled at an agreed place and time, usually taking between two to three hours. In many cases it only takes one session to reach a resolution. More complex issues sometimes require additional sessions. A typical session doesn’t involve any formal requirements. Our sessions commonly achieve these following steps:

• Creating and adhering to ground rules for the session.

• Presentation of individual stories and perspectives from each party.

• The analysis of essential issues relating to the overall situation.

• The analysis of essential objectives for each party.

• The investigation of a variety of options and possible solutions.

• The consideration of potential solutions.

• Approaching a resolution through discussing, adjusting and refining these solutions.

• Unanimously agreeing on solutions.

• Unanimously recording written evidence of solutions.

It is important to state that the chosen approaches of Blue Mountains Counselling & Mediation will vary in accordance to the nature of each dispute. Nevertheless, we ultimately aim to achieve the following results with every session:

• Encouraging open debate between all parties involved.

• Ensuring that essential issues are understood.

• Aiding each party to determine their interests and needs, and

• Implementing agreements through open-minded problem-solving.

Resolving a dispute through mediation is incredibly self-empowering. Opposed to the legal system, we don’t act as an authority imposing a solution upon those involved, but rather, we aid the discussion of strategies that enable people to reach solutions themselves.

Ultimate control lies with those involved

Therefore, disputes remain unresolved if a solution is not agreed upon.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Call Travis Hackett on 0405 671 207  for further details, or to promote the steps to positive situational change.

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